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Bunker Hill has provided custom software development and technical consulting services to an international clientele of varying sizes and types for over 20 years. We have been successful in building and marketing programmer productivity tools, assisting other independent software vendors (ISV) with their product offerings, and start-ups with technical and strategic guidance.

We design and develop database driven, web service oriented back-ends for desktop, mobile and web applications and take pride in designing engaging and intuitive user interfaces built upon solid database foundations that are malleable, scalable, and bulletproof.

Our web applications and websites (like this one) are designed to look and operate on multiple devices including smart-phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. We also offer advanced search engine optimization based on your search phrase preferences.

Our specialized expertise and accomplishments with MS Access database migrations and application conversions is highlighted on our clients and Migration Services pages.


Bunker Hill

Custom Application Development

Bunker Hill provides full-stack database driven website, desktop and mobile application development. We build all component layers from wireframes to web-services and thrive on technical challenges. Our service offerings include the following:

Engaging User Interfaces that employ JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Cross-Browser Compatibility

Multiple-Device Support - PC's, tablets, smart-phones, hand-helds,

Data-Modeling - the foundation of database driven applications

Scalable Back-Ends for Mobile, Desktop and Web Applications

Social Network Integration

Web Services Integration - custom and those from vendor's like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, etc.

Advanced JavaScript and jQuery Plug-in development

Complete dedicated / virtual server / Cloud setup and deployment

Technical team recruitment and management

Software Code Reviews / Evaluations

HIPAA Compliance Services


Most doctor's websites are deployed on shared servers, which more often than not, do not support SSL (secure socket layer) email. Therefore, these sites are not HIPAA comliant. The fines for non-comliance range from $100 to $50,000 and the goverment is actively auditing healt care providers.

We offer both the development of secure, SEO websites as well as adapting existing sites to the AWS cloud; one of the few hosting sites that will provide Business Associate Agreements (BAA), essentially guaranteeing HIPAA compliance.

The process and pricing are detailed on our HIPAA Compliance - Technical Services website.

Microsoft Access Migrations

MS-Access Logo

Bunker Hill began developing MS-Access applications when version 1.0 was first released in 1991. WIBM DB2, Oracle, e are proven leaders in the MS-Access upsizing/migration space as Our clients page demonstrates.

Custom MS-Access Application Development

Data-model conversions and data migration to SQL-Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL

Performance Tuning, VBA code analysis and improvements

Complete MS-Access Query Conversions; MS-Access built-in functions, sub-queries, non-standard SQL, etc. for MS-SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL

Front-ends converted to linked MS-Access applications, Share-Point and web-sites (see MS-Access to Web).

Bunker Hill


Bunker Hill developed a Microsoft Access to DB2 migration Add-in called Scriptoria for IBM DB2 that IBM licensed and distributed to over 5000 companies in 90 countries. The IBM ISV account manager mentioned that during the 3 year license period, not a single technical issue exceeded their Tier-1 level of support.

command post solutions

Bunker Hill re-architected and developed Easy-IAP which provides Incident (civil or disaster) Resource Allocation and Reporting modeled after FEMA's recommended command structure and reports. The application is designed so it can run on a Flash drive and there is a web component under development that schedules meetings and sends invitations by email or text message and monitors incident progress.


As an Oracle Consulting Services sub-contractor, Bunker Hill assisted with the automated conversion of thousands of MS-Access queries to Oracle PL/SQL for a large banking merger.

Letter of Recommendation
Madison Plastic Surgery

In order to satisfy HIPAA compliance regulations, the Madison Plastic Surgery webiste was moved to the Amazon Cloud (AWS). After defining a secure instance and installing a web server, we procured and installed a SSL certificate. We then installed SMTP and integrated it with Amazon’s Secure Email Service (SES) and adapted the website’s Contact Us page so that it now sent encrypted emails. Finally, we moved the existing website to Route 53, a DNS service within AWS secure infrastructure that prevents any data from travelling over the public internet. In addition, we improved their messaging, content, aesthetics and most importantly search engine rankings. After employing SEO techniques including enrollment in Google's verified authorship program, video sitemaps and relevant content, we were able to achieve first page rankings for very competitive search phrases like "plastic surgeon nyc" and liposuction nyc".


Ontario Lotto and Gaming needed to consolidate corporate data using their standard database platform, IBM DB2. We assisted OLG technical staff in converting a key MS-Access application to IBM DB2. The project was completed remotely, and was on time and under budget.


Citi Group Germany was eager to convert over 50 MS-Access applications to Oracle. They were concerned with their MS-Access files being copied off-site and cracked. We supplied software that automated much of the conversion and provided technical training and support to their five member team.


Bunker Hill lead a small team in the conversion of LTTax's core MS-Access application of the same name to SQL-Server. In addition to the conversion of hundreds of very complex queries, we also provided MS-SQL training, performance tuning as well as user-interface enhancements and additional forms.


Esprit pioneered the development of a PC-DOS P.O.S. system that was featured on the cover of PC World. We wrote keyboard drivers and mainframe emulators and helped them implement one of the first automatic credit card authorization programs.


Bunker Hill provided IBM mainframe development and built applications that interfaced and exhanged data with their HP network nodes.

Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill Commander

For over two decades, Bunker Hill has been successful in translating advances in technology into competitive advantage for our clients.

To put all questions about the selection of our name to rest; there's the "good" answer and the "real" answer. The prior being that the famous battle cry "Don’t one of you fire until you see the whites of their eyes" embodies an important business and software development principle: "Pay attention to detail, or else." Oh, the real answer is the company founders lived on a like named Bay Area hill.

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info Please note: we are not in any way affiliated with Bunker Hill Security, for whom we receive frequent pleas for technical help. Since they maintain no online presence, you must contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product, often Harbor Court.

Please note we are not in any way affiliated with Bunker Hill Security, for whom we receive frequent pleas for technical help. If you bought a product from them (they maintain no online presence), you must contact the distributor from whom you purchased the product.

phone (415) 512-0689